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Hello and welcome to my blog.  I am a married mother  from Northern Ireland and am a self confessed Twilight nut!

I watched the first movie Twilight in December 09 and was instantly hooked by the story.  I found a cinema that was still showing New Moon and then bought the books which I have now read (all of them including the draft of Stephenie’s Midnight Sun on her website and just finished Bree Tanner.

I am also a Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Fan. If you are a hater – go somewhere else.

So if you are like me, a Twilight Mum, stay tuned.  I want to build this blog and make it something special for fans.



2 Responses

  1. Hi J,SN|AP. My daughter got the twilight movie for me to watch in January of this year! Ive now read all the books watched twilight tons of times and im waiting for new moon to come out! Im waiting for twilight collecters edition 1st edition 1st print , from usa. Im married with three as well lol. I just have gone twilight crazy!!!! 😎

    • Hi!

      Join the club!! – thanks for leaving the comment. I can’t wait for New Moon to be released – it comes out here (Northern Ireland) on March 20th. I am about two thirds of my way through Breaking Dawn now.

      Great to hear from you and keep in touch xxx

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