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A refreshing point of view re Twilight Saga from an NI Blogger

Source http://therealpaulac.blogspot.com/2010/07/so-is-stephanie-meyer-new-shakespere.html

So possible any guys reading or ladies over a certain age (ie 21 yrs) might be scratching their head saying WHO at this point. So let me explain S Meyer is the author behind the Twilight Saga.
Ok for those who havent stopped reading at the mention of Twilight let me explain what I mean. Twilight is the 1st of 4 books centrating on the story of vampires, werewolves but predominately this is a modern day love story.
Strip away the oddities of the two main guy characters – (one is “the living dead/cold man ” the other is a furry, snarling canine ) and what do you get? Both guys fighting over the heart of the human – Bella.
So who is still confused as to why on earth i think this book shares any similarities to Shakesperes most famous book – Romeo and Juliet? Let me explain.

This is a love story of the highest degree- the kind that you only really find in books or films. The deep burning connection between the 2 characters whats superceeds life or death. Like R &J, Edward and Bella are willing to die rather than existing without each other.
Point 2 – even though this series is written in modern day America the morals of the 2 heroes are a theme throughout the 4 books. Edward is determined not to “do the do” with Bella until they are married. Also (and please feel fress to correct me if Im wrong but) there is no swear words,cursing in the books or film. So another postive theme which could be used as an example in schools or for life. Now this could be more to do with the fact that S Meyer was brought up with a Mormon background where this behaviour was unaccectable but still is a postive message to have.
Soooo am i convincing anyone yet? Who is with me in my campaign to replace good ole Will Shakespere with Miss Meyer?
Not yet? Ok third reason then lets discuss the relationship between the 2 main groups in the story – the vampires and the werewolves. And yes we had the rivalry in West Side Story but think of the postive message of twilight. The WW and V werent just rivals based on a gang culture. Their reason for hating each other went centuries deep and fundamentally the whole reason for the WW existence was to protect against the V. Yet in book 3 (eclipse) the 2 groups have to put aside differences to work towards a common goal of protecting Bella.
Also think about it- the fact that there is no distinct “good” or “evil” in the stories. The reader is left to make up their own mind as to who they feel more empathy with and are Routing for to win Bella’s heart. Go to a group of 20 or so Twihard fans, and for every 1 who is one “Team Edward” there will be at least 1 who is “team Jacob”. What better way of demonstrating to teenagers how complicated the troubles of the world are!

I rest my case…. so if I have convinced you lets go…. Stephenie Meyer’s IS the new Will Shakespere … END OF!!!!!


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