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Why Men feel threatened by Twilight/Edward Cullen …..

Recently I have been reading some appalling reviews of the Twilight Saga and a lot of other Vampire Tales : all putting their own spin on  the “inexplicable” draw to these characters, particularly for, dare I quote it “women of a certain age”.

Well, being a “women of a certain age”, 42 to be precise I feel it’s time to put my two pence forward, just for the record.

Most recently I had the displeasure of reading “How Twilight Works” by Oatmeal – real name Matthew Inman – surprise surprise – a 27 year old man who seems to be an expert on just about everything and all round general smart ass and condescending prick.   And get this – he runs a dating website….enough said.

Well Matthew, let me shed some light on why “chicks dig this” as you so eloquently put it.   Some men (possibly you among them) not all men I hasten to add, have no concept or understanding of what some women actually want.

In an ideal world we would all have a partner who loves us so unconditionally, passionately and completely as a character like Edward.  However – as most of us don’t due to the unfailing inadequacies of men like Mr. Inman the complex Washington State matchmaker, women like me enjoy a little bit of escapism.  Twilight provides the perfect portal.  We can relate to the characters, empathise with them, hurt for them and wish them the happy ending they (and we) all deserve.

So Mr. Inman – jealous much?  Of fictional characters? After all what man wants to see his wife/partner engrossed in the next installment of the Saga while he switches of the light and goes to sleep, uncomfortable in the knowledge that  she would rather be in the company of fiction?

So come on guys – step up to the mark – stop being so emotionally stunted and impotent.  All is takes is a gentle touch, an unexpected kiss, a lingering look.  It’s not rocket science.  Perhaps as a first reference you should trying reading something by Stephenie Meyer – like, Oh I don’t know – TWILIGHT, NEW MOON, ECLIPSE AND BREAKING DAWN.  And to complete your training to be a real man – try getting into Edward’s head by reading Stephenie’s draft of Midnight sun – available to read on her website at www.stepheniemeyer.com.

Yes – it is a romance novel – well done for pointing that out.   Any other romance novel reviews coming up or is it just Twiligth you’ve got the knife out for? Perhaps you would like to volunteer some reading material for us suggestions for us “women who think like 13 year old girls”?  Yes it’s a guilty pleasure – so what. Wind your neck in and join your own dating agency.

Oh and if you are a man, and enjoy Twilight – Mr. Inman suggests you are undoubtedly gay.

And here endeth the rant.


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